Control Group Cooperative

The Control Group runs the world's largest, long-term, independent, observational study into the health outcomes relating to SARS-CoV2 vaccination. Participants in the study volunteer their health data on a monthly basis. Their data is then anonymized and made accessible to researchers who share our ethos: people before profit; health sovereignty from Big Pharma.

In return, participants are able to own, control and carry their medical history with them wherever they go. They belong to a community of likeminded people where they can talk freely, access webinars on holistic health practices, and learn first-hand about emerging research in medicine, health and alternative living from our podcast, discussions with awake experts in the fields of science and medicine.

What is a 'control group?'

In research of any kind it is vital to have both an experimental group and a control group.

The experimental group receive the treatment the researcher is interested in measuring the effectiveness of. The control group does not receive the treatment.

The reason for this is so that the researchers can determine if the treatment has an impact on the measure of experiment (for example, a reduction in serious infection as well as the incidence of adverse reactions in those given the treatment).

A control group serves as a baseline comparison to the experimental group, whereby the researchers can reliably compare the measured results of the treatment cohort with the control.

Failure to provide a strong control group may cause a study to be considered invalid, because it would not allow the researchers to eliminate or attribute effects that might have occurred within the experimental group as being due to the treatments or incidental occurrence.

After pharmaceutical abandoned their ethical obligation to maintain long-term contro groups for the COVID-19 vaccines, a small group of people in the United Kingdom decided to establish their own control group - the Control Group.

About the Control Group Cooperative

The Control Group Cooperative Ltd is membership organization.

The direction of our organisation is steered by our generous funding Associates and the needs our participants, who believe in personal health sovereignty and transparent, unbiased science.

Our vision

A future where we are healthy by choice. Where every one of us has access to information about the food we eat, the treatments we use and the environment we live in; information that is clear, truthful and not dictated by financial gain.

A future where health and happiness are abundant and where open debate is encouraged, to ensure existing viewpoints are reevaluated and new ideas and information are available for consideration.

Our future is happy, healthy and free - for us, our children and generations to come.

Your Health

During the last few years, many of us have learned a lot more about health, science, and medicine than we knew before. We have become more interested in what keeps us healthy, as well as understanding that there are many options beyond pharmaceutical treatments that can help make us better when we do succumb to disease.

The medical system has a vested interest in us remaining medically uneducated so they can sell us profitable cures, which creates inevitable bias against natural treatments, less profitable pharmaceuticals and unincentivized medications that may be safer and more efficacious.

We believe it is vital that anyone who wants to take ownership of their health learns as much as they can about the way their body works and the effects of nutrition, the environment and our emotional wellbeing on our health outcomes.

We know that we are asking a lot from you when you enter your health data into our system, but we hope that it will be an opportunity to tune in to your body and notice the way you are treating it and how it is responding.

It is through taking ownership of our health, both individually and as a worldwide community, that we will become stronger, healthier and truly sovereign.

Your Data

What is different about our data?

We are a worldwide platform, funded by its own members.

We are not funded by corporations looking to approve or make profit from a product which means there is a genuine interest in unbias outcomes.

When any researchers use our data to write papers and reports, we will ensure the (highly anonymized) source data is available for review - which will ensure results can be verified.

We believe it is important that we all re-connect with our human bodies; what makes them work and what impedes them. Our health outcomes, recorded and analysed outside of a financially incentivized, biased system, will help us to look at what the lives we live are doing to us all.

What will happen to the results?

Scientists, doctors and researchers will be able to access your anonymized health outcomes so they can publish reports and papers on it. This data will not have personal contact or identifying information attached to it.

As we develop this system, we will be building a dashboard analysis tool that will allow all users of the database to be able to view data points for themselves.

Will you sell my data?

No, we will not sell your data. Our combined data is the property of our community and exists to benefit our community.

How are we Ensuring Data Privacy?

Firstly, we try to ensure that any data required for the participant record excludes personal identifying information. For example, we do not ask for full date of birth, or exact location.

The only identifying data that we ask for is an email address, which is immediately encoded and stored in a separate repository to the participant record. Therefore, the participant record never has any identifiable data attributed to it directly to you.

When Associates join we do need to obtain a delivery address for their ID Cards and this information is again stored in its own repository, unconnected to your research file.

All data transfer is completed using HTTPS protocol, ensuring it is protected while in transit and the data is always stored in an encrypted state. Further double encryption is used for passwords.

All membership IDs are generated randomly using very large numbers so as to avoid sequentially numbered participants, which again helps protect our data.

Furthermore, layers of protection are employed across our platform to protect our service from denial of service and hacking attempts.

The data is owned and managed by The Control Group Cooperative Ltd, a legal entity registered and protected by UK law, which is owned by its members. The cooperative business structure ensures that there are no shareholders, only stakeholders. With no shares to sell and no public record of who the stakeholders are, we can provide protection against acquisition from any large corporations who might otherwise seek to take possession of our data.


As a Cooperative organisation whose sole purpose is to collate data for this control group, and whose purpose is not to enrich anyone. We are exempt from General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as per guidance received from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Let me be clear: we are not sharing any individual's medical information or any other personal information. Aggregated information will be compiled for independent researchers and this will be overseen by our ethics panel.

As a Cooperative organisation, we are managed by our members whose data we hold, and they will decide how their data is used.

Your Choice

When we are given a choice, we base it on the information available to us at the time. However, more than ever before, we are learning that information from previously trusted sources is misrepresented, biased and, sometimes, just completely wrong.

Many of us are finding this particularly true for the food we consume, the treatments prescribed to us and the new technologies around us. This is why we started the Control Group and why we are creating a resource of health outcome data that is completely independent, unbiased, and backed by its source data.

Being a member of the Control Group Cooperative's health study is a simple thing that you and your family can do each month that really will make a difference to the future of health and wellbeing.

This is the data we will trust when we make health decisions for ourselves and our children. But it depends entirely on all of us to build a brand-new bank of information that tells the story of our health inthe twenty-first century.

Our Community

The Control Group community are people from all over the world, from different cultures, religions and geographical environments, but the one thing we all have in common, is an interest in how to stay healthy in a world of increasing toxicity.

As an organization, we want to give back to our community; to thank you for supporting us and trusting us as custodians of your data.

We also run online Community Events, featuring knowledgeable speakers on a wide range of topics. These are free to attend and are a unique opportunity to learn and ask questions.

You can also connect to us on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We work hard to create relationships with other organisations in the UK and many other countries, who can provide information and support for our community.

By coming together, we are stronger.

What Happens When I Join

Anyone from anywhere of any age can participate in our study. Adults over the age of 16 can create an account and add up to 8 household members to it (including themselves).

We need as many people as possible to contribute their health data on a regular basis, so we can build a reliable picture of what is happening to our health and how products, treatments and environments affect our outcomes.

How did we get started?

The Control Group was set up to record the self-reported, anonymized, long-term health outcomes of people who voluntarily chose not to take any COVID-19 injection. We have since expanded to include people who took or were forced to take any number of COVID injections.

Our database is designed in such a way that we could provide a voluntary control group for: future vaccination programs, existing drugs and health supplements and environmental factors.

How is the Control Group Cooperative funded?

Control Group is a cooperative and, as such, is funded by its participants - not by universities, products or pharmaceutical giants, which means we are, and will remain, completely independent.

Who can join the Control Group study?

Anyone in any country can participate in the Control Group study. It is never too late to join - we plan to record the health outcomes of several generations.

Where do our participants come from?

Our participants come from all over the world; from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds, geographical environments and cultures. Because of this, our data will show if there are similar outcomes from treatments, medications or therapies across different backgrounds.

The map below shows the current spread and density of our participants.

What will I have to do, as a participant?

  • Each month you will be reminded to enter any new health conditions, pregnancies, treatments, tests taken and other changes - if there is nothing to report, then you can simply click the 'Confirm Correct' buttons by each catagory.
    You can ammend, edit, or add to your record at any point during the month.
  • You will be sent a newsletter each month with your reminder and this will also include information about any community events and support Zooms on offer, as well as optional in-house health surveys that you may wish to take part in.

What do I get from being a participant?

  • Digital membership card for the COVID Vaccine Study
  • Digital ICE Health Card
  • Durable printed, COVID Vaccine Study card (Associates only)
  • Durable printed, ICE Health Card (Associates only)
  • Downloadable certificate of participation endorsed by the World Council for Health
  • Letter confirming participation, signed by a UK doctor
  • Free Community Events
  • Access to weekly Support Zooms with the founders
  • Being part of a like-minded community
  • Connections to other like-minded organisations
  • A place to record your health outcomes from any medications and treatments you have taken
  • Knowing that you and your family are helping to build a new way of looking at health

What else is there?

We are an organisation that is growing with its participants - and as your needs change, we change with you. We are always adding to our system, including (but not limited to):

  • A dashboard for participants to look at data outcomes for themselves.
  • The ability to opt into special interest surveys from doctors, scientists and organisations working with us.
  • A data warehouse for approved scientists and researchers to be able to easily analyse our (highly anonymised) data and easy access to all papers produced.

Does it cost?

It's your choice!


Everyone member of the study can create and access a digital version of the Vaccine Study Card and Health Card.


You can order free, durable printed versions of your digital Vaccine Study and Health Card for you and your family. Postage and packaging is charged.

If you decide to help fund this important study, then you can become an Associate member.

Associates choose the level of funding they can afford, starting at a monthly subscription of just £6 (UK) and can order a printed, plastic version of the membership card, for free, as a 'thank you' for your support.

You can become an Associate member at anytime, and cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I get started?

  • Register your account and verify your email address.
  • Each participant (or their guardian) answers basic health and body type questions as part of the registration process.
  • You can add a photograph, which will be displayed on your digital card.
  • You can add a photograph, which will be displayed on your digital card.
  • Finally, you can create your digital Vaccine Study Card, and/or (ICE: In Case of Emergency) Health Card, which can be displayed on your phone.
  • If you choose to become a funding Associate (which you can choose to do later, if you prefer) you can set up your subscription and order your printed cards (postage & packaging is charged for your region).

See the Support pages on details of how to join, create your profile and update your records

What is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives, are organizations owned and operated by their members, who work together to meet their common needs and aspirations. These unique enterprises span various sectors, from agriculture and finance to housing and healthcare, and their principles and values promote equality, participation, and sustainability.

One of the fundamental principles of cooperatives is democratic control. Each member has an equal say in the decision-making process, regardless of their investment or stake in the cooperative. This democratic structure not only empowers individuals but also ensures that the interests of the community take precedence over profit maximization. By pooling resources, knowledge, and skills, cooperatives enable members to achieve outcomes that would be challenging or impossible to accomplish individually.

Cooperatives also prioritize the wellbeing of their members and the communities they serve. Rather than pursuing short-term gains, they focus on long-term sustainability and fair distribution of benefits. Cooperatives aim to bring value and benefit to their members and their community, rather than focusing solely on making a profit. This is because they are owned by the people closest to the organization and not distant investors who are only interested in financial gains. Whether it is fair prices for farmers, affordable housing for residents, or accessible healthcare for patients, cooperatives prioritize the common good over individual profit. This approach fosters economic resilience, reduces inequality, and builds stronger, more connected communities.

Cooperatives around the world share the same cooperative principles and values, which were implemented by the International Co-operative Alliance (1995) to support the cooperative movement internationally.

What is Control Group's membership structure?

The Control Group Cooperative Ltd has multiple membership levels.

Statutory members are members of the co-operative who are responsible for electing a board of directors and voting on important decisions that guide the direction of the business and will have a significant impact on the financial resources of the co-operative. They act as guarantors of the co-operative and are expected to attend meetings, be involved in the day-to-day running of the business and contribute financially by working for or investing in the co-operative.

Partner members are statutory members who work as part of the operational team at the Control Group.

Non-statutory members of the Control Group Cooperative include Associates, Participants, Allies and Donors and are not required or expected to contribute to the same level as statutory members are.

Associate members are individuals who choose to subscribe to the Control Group Cooperative and help provide the essential funding for the long-term sustainability of the co-operative. Associate members are encouraged to contribute to the Control Group Cooperative community, and provide input into future projects and the overall objectives of the organization. Associates are invited to join periodic steering meetings via zoom with the directors and statutory members of the Control Group.

Participants are individuals who join the Control Group and choose to contribute to the co-operative by inputting health information, which is fundamentally important for the co-operatives aims and objectives of ensuring large quantities of data is collected from around the world for independent analysis. Participant members of the co-operative are encouraged to get actively involved in the co-operative’s online community.

Allies are organizations whose aims and objectives align with those of the Control Group Cooperative Ltd. Control Group aim to support and collaborate with allies to accomplish shared goals.

Donors are individuals or organizations who financially donate to the Control Group. Donors are not necessarily members of the cooperative and they do not hold any influence over the running or the direction of the organization.