Support: Legacy Monthly Reports

Legacy Monthly Reports

Monthly reports (what we are calling Legacy reports) are no longer required as the majority of the data they captured is now integrated in a more detailed way within each participant’s record.

For example, we now have new sections where you can log any Covid Tests, if you have Covid then this should be logged with the Health Conditions section and any Covid treatment or protocols should be logged under the Medications section and linked to the relevant Covid instance. The same applies to other medications, tests and health conditions.

We have new sections for Menstruation and Fertility for our female participants.

This will reduce the workload, enabling you to update your record as soon as you need to, instead of waiting to complete a lengthy report each month, while also providing us with more detailed long-term reporting capabilities.

We have included your legacy reports in your record so we have the capability to continue to report on the important data you provided during the most volatile days of the Covid Pandemic.

Masking, mental health and lifestyle information will be requested via optional surveys which we will be introducing in the future.